What We Do

We rescue, treat, care for and rehabilitate urban wild animals with the aim of ultimately releasing them back into their natural habitats. Our team of veterinarians and animal welfare specialists, with the help of volunteers and conscientious citizens across the city, help our growing city care for its animals.

What is Urban Wildlife?

The wide variety of non-domesticated species that we find in the parks, lakes, fields, roads, gardens and structures of the city, in our neighbouring forests, and on the untamed fringe lands of the city. Even the little birds in our balconies, the squirrels in our trees, the kites in our markets, and the snakes in our backyards are wild animals living amidst us.

Our story in numbers

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As of March 2018

New World Animal Rescue Charitable Trust(Bluecross), Pallikonda, Tamilnadu.

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